Surly Disc Trucker in the winter

I picked up the Surly Disc Trucker because I got sick and tired of the Giant Allegre eating rear tires while commuting to work. I made a deal with my wife that I could get the bike if I rode to work 50% of my work days in 2013. Of course, I got the bike in advance. It's a tank, but it gets the job done and it is GREAT to ride.

I also plan to take it on a self-supported trip this summer from my doorstep to my parents' doorstep in the town I grew up in. I needed a bike that could "haul" more stuff for a trip like that.

Highlights, it has a Supernova Infinity-8 dynamo hub. The hub can be disengaged so it has no more drag than a normal hub. It also has a Busch & Mueller Luxos U headlight, which has USB charging built in to it. I don't need that for riding to work, but I may need it on my trip. It has an Old Man Mountain rear rack and a Tubus Duo up front. Other than that it's just a good old bike.

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