Surly Disc Trucker in the winter

My 2003 Trek Fuel 90 is my main mountain bike and has been with me through a lot. My friends tell me a lot has changed in mountain bikes in 10 years and I really need a new one. I agree, but no one has offered to give me one yet.

My Fuel 90 has gotten launched off way more things than a 185 lb. rider should take a bike like that over. It's been down Porcupine Rim several times, down Zippety Doo Dah, through Palmer Park, up Belcher Hill and through White Ranch, up and down the drops on Horsethief Bench, through Slick Rock, it's done Monarch Crest, completed the Silver Rush 50 and attempted the Leadville Trail 100 twice.

My second attempt at the LT100 I was on the cusp of making it, but stopped to ride with my friend who later went on to kill everything he attempted. I don't regret that one bit and I have no interest in doing the race again after Lance ruined its charm.  I wouldn't take an entry if they offered it to me, it's way too commercial these days.  I just love to ride and I realize "racing" isn't my thing.  If you want to see some of my lame racing attempts, you can see them here. Try not to laugh too much.

Back on topic, there are really no highlights to this bike. The front fork is a Rock Shox Reba, the old Duke was donated to the Frankenshock on the Trek 3500 when it died. The rear shock also died and was replaced with a pro pedal Fox of some sort. It runs Maxxis Ignitor 2.3s tubeless. Other than that it's just a good ol' mountain bike. It does have a small dent in the down tube from a time I thought I could go UP a 3 ft. drop in Palmer Park, I was wrong.