Surly Disc Trucker in the winter

My Giant Allegre was my first road bike.  It has downtube shifters and a chromoly frame.  I've recently rediscovered this little gem as it has been my main commuter for the last couple of years.  

I used it for about a year when I first got it, doing RAGBRAI and some other small rides.  Being young and stupid, after that year I decided I needed something aluminum and flashier, so I sold it to a friend and purchased my Cannondale R500.  My friend sat it on rear wheel trainer to collect dust and I bought it back from him again a few years later.

It collected dust on my trainer for a few years until I mounted an Old Man Mountain rack on it and started riding it to work.  Being a few years older at this point, I noticed the ride was more plush and comfortable, but I still contended the Cannondale just had to be faster with its stiff aluminum frame.

It wasn't until I started logging rides with Strava that I noticed something odd.  I had done weekend rides on my Cannondale up the same hills that I plod along to work on my Giant.  Yet, on some of the hills where I wasn't even pushing it, I clocked faster times on the Giant.  GPS accuracy blah blah blah, the faster times on the Giant started to show up consistently, I think it's the steel frame.

My Giant Allegre in full "Fred" commuting splendor

But alas, as a rear-weighted commuter this bike eats up rear tires faster than a 16-year old with dad's Corvette.  The widest tires the rear will accept is 700x25c and forget about fenders or studded tires.  So this bike has become my main road bike and a Surly Disc Trucker has taken over commuting and touring duties.  Some highlights of the bike are the downtube shifters of course.  It had a Shimano dynamo hub and a now defunct old Powertap Pro from my days of being first in a one man race.  These wheels have since been moved over to my Cannondale R500 however, my Mavic Heliums and the rest of my "nice" road bike equipment are now on the Giant.  These is my current road bike.

See the following link for more information about the Giant Allegre.