Surly Disc Trucker in the winter

My 1968 Schwinn Fleet is an anomaly amongst the other bikes.  By all accounts it's a pound of sausage in a half pound bag.  It's heavy, it's clunky, but once it gets moving it cruises like a Cadillac.

The Fleet was retrieved from my great uncle's basement after he passed away.  We remembered him riding it with us when we were kids (and breaking his hip on it twice), but we hadn't seen it for years.  It was on a very primitive rear wheel trainer that I wish I'd kept because I haven't seen anything like it since.  The frame was scratched, the fenders were dented and it was missing the headlight, frame tank and rear rack.

I tore the bike apart and had it painted.  I then greased everything up again and worked to put it back together with my father.  These days the bike only sees neighborhood duty, usually on full moon rides, but I would like to commute to work on it a day or two.  

Some highlights of the bike are, at the time of writing, I'm working on an LED conversion for the bike's headlight.  While not a purist by any means, the headlight on the bike is just not good, you start to outrun it at around 6mph and since I use this bike for fun night rides that is just not adequate.  I found a bright LED flashlight that fits the lens perfectly and am working on retrofitting it to the light case.   At one time I had dreams of getting a red or yellow band Bendix kickback hub for it, but I've since abandoned that idea.  The bike just rolls so smooth when used to cruise around the neighborhood.

See the following link for more info on the Schwinn Fleet.