Surly Disc Trucker in the winter

I work in the Tech Industry by day and bike all the rest of the time for fun.  For years I've been writing technical documentation, doing product reviews for sites like SmallNetBuilder and working on DIY projects and articles on my own site HomeNetworkEnabled.  I figured it was about time I wrote about something I enjoy and try to put it together in a format that might be useful for others as well.

The hardest part about a site is always getting going, especially without any industry contacts.  With that said, at first my reviews will be limited to items I've researched and purchased.  If I've done my homework right it can be expected that I'll have a favorable opinion of them.  I'll still try to be partial and fair when it comes to opportunities for improvement.

As time progresses I hope the reviews will extend beyond things I've purchased and be able to encompass all offerings in particular categories.  If you are bored enough that you want to follow my stats, see some pretty graphs and maybe laugh at a funny video, then I invite you to take a look at my Motate profile.